15 June 2005

cafe con leche con sucre?

So as a coffee snob, I must say that cafe con leche should indeed be that. No sugar. Come on people. Creamy frothy milk is enough, no? Hm. Must begin worldwide tour to assess various local "con leches" and the whole sugar extravaganza.


Liz said...

uh, you're having milk in your coffee now? What's that about?

Kate said...

Is a con leche the same as an au lait? And yes, I know they literally mean the same thing :)
Man, when I was in Morocco we had about six au laits a day as we hid in our hotel waiting for the interpreter to come back from who knows where. Of course, we dunked big blocks of sugar into the foam (used the blocks as seriously carb laden biscotti). That's the only time I've ever had sugar in my coffee (although it wasn't really "in" the coffee as much as "with"). It was surprisingly tasty actually.
But otherwise, yeah, what's that about? :)