21 September 2005


It's probably not proper blog etiquitte to post merely for the sake of gloating, but I swear, that's not what this is about. I'm just so terribly, indescribably excited that last night R and I got to spend two and a quarter hours watching a piece of art that Joss Whedon made. (The fact that we got to do it ten days before it can be seen in the states, well that is material for gloating, but I won't go there.)

As some of you out there know, I positively hate trailers that tell you what happened in the movie and I can't stand spoilers, so much so that I don't even read reviews. So it's hypocrtical of me to write a review before any of you have seen it. Thus, I'll just say this:

  • It's brilliant.

  • The jump to the big screen goes quite smoothly.

  • If you're a Joss fan, it's great.

  • If you've never seen Firefly, it's great.

  • It has some turns in it you won't expect.


Transient Gadfly said...

You guys are just sooooo cool.

Kate said...

I loved it. LOVED IT! That is all.