13 September 2005

week one

we are through to the beginning of week two on our (ad)venture here in Wales. it's been unbelievably gorgeous weather, and this morning I looked out our kitchen window to see airline tracks in the sky, probably (given the time I got up, around 7 or so) at least one of which was the Continental flight from Newark to Bristol that brought us here a week ago. bit of circularity to get the morning started.

now that we have internet and aren't relying on our neighbors—
[total aside: for the last week our lives were ruled by the little ice cream cone that is the airport icon at the top of the screen. it seems our neighbors, lovely tho they are for having an unprotected network, turn off (!!!the horrors!!!) their computer, including wireless router, when they are not using it. thus Sam and I have been running around the rather huge flat shouting "internet! it's up! internet!" whenever the cone turns black, probably to the amusement of our neighbors, who were likely playing with us the whole time. we are, by the way, known as the "americans next door" just fyi.]
we are back in the loop, so to speak, and are coming up for air on the whole Katrina disaster. Apologies for being late to the bandwagon, but it must be said again.

the stories of blatant racism, protection of corporate property (Wal-Mart, Walgreens, various grocers) and private property (the entire West End of the city, where the wealthy folks live) over the protection of the lives of those trapped (quite literally) in the city is astonishing. The mismanagement and ludicrousness of "praise" given by Bush to the homeland security chief is par for the course, the surprise is that he resigned, instead of receiving the traditional administration promotion. As usual, I find Jon Stewart to be the best for summing it up.

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