16 September 2005

the Worm

To be cut off on the Worm either means twelve hours of boredom or else a brief but exciting ride in an RAF helicopter - an experience not worth the embarrassment.

as the daughter of a geologist, I of course purposively know nothing about geology, having scorned any proffered knowledge for most of my childhood living in the Rocky Mountains. and as we are planning to take a little day trip out onto the Gower Peninsula (which Swansea is on) to check out the beaches (not, I'm guessing, in any way similar to beaches on The O.C.), I did some web surfing to find out where to go and what to see. and I ran across the Geological Society site on Gower and its geology. it's a self-guided course on geology based entirely on the Gower peninsula!! imagine my excitement! (actually the maps are pretty cool, and I like how you are given direction based on rock formations, not roads or signage....)

and so we are off to Rhosili, the last place covered in the cumulative course, as, of course, jumping to the end of the instructions is also a trait I picked up from my father, where we hope not to be cut off on the Worm.

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