30 September 2005

You MUST Go See Serenity!

If you live in the US and you are reading this post, drop everything else and go see Serenity. See it at the opening tonight; then go see it again on the weekend. Then call friends and make plans to see it again.


dan said...

Matt and I are seein' it TOMORROW, only cause we have a friend that insists that we watch it together, but can't make it tonight. Who knows, maybe during a moment of rebellion, we'll go catch a midnight showing. Either way, I'm excited to see it.

So I've called friends and made plans to see it for the first time, which isn't tonight. Close enough, right?

Mark said...

Kristin and I saw Serenity. Joy. Sadness! Admiration.

Dissapointed by the opening weekend box office... are we a smaller fan base than I hoped?

Seeing it again this weekend to help the numbers. Might be a weekly event.

Much to discuss!