13 October 2005

define "mass"

cool mod building
Originally uploaded by doppio macchiato.
the most non-touristy picture ever.

two questions:

  • what is it about concrete that's so sexy?

  • and
  • why is it that one can never purchase enough hangers when one moves into a new place?


le corbusier said...

try taking your shirts and pants for dry cleaning instead of washing them. i've found that you'll be overrun with hangers in no time after a couple trips to the dry cleaners.

Tarn said...

yes, however, Mommy Dearest has taught us the all-important wardrobe rule: NO WIRE HANGERS!!!

Rebecca said...

and what if you're too cheap to dry clean? Sure, if you're a world famous architect you can afford dry cleaning, but I tend toward a once-per-semester rule, and speaking of mom-rules: if it's dry clean only, make sure you really really like it before you buy. That and "don't ever buy anything in seersucker"--words to live by.