31 October 2005

happy halloween

herewith the halloween picture. this is, in fact, the first picture in my iPhoto library and dates from halloween 1999, when Greg and Rick visited us in Fredericksburg. weird how long ago that is.

boy how jack-o-lantern fashion has changed, no? wow I would never carve my pumpkin like that now. of course. goes without saying, really.


dan said...

The side-ways starry-eyed cyclopes pumpkin speaks to me. I think she's having a great night. That's the real spirit of halloween. There's a pumkin song in her hallow little brain that resonates with all of us. That fashion is always in style. Everyone else on the table is obviously too self-involved to hear it. Such is the way, I suppose.

Transient Gadfly said...

Last year at this time I carved a pumpkin that was the spitting image of John Kerry.

It didn't work. Now I am scarred for life. Never again shall I carve pumpkins. At Hallow's E'en I shall curl up in a little ball whimpering about...um, something. I don't know what.

michael chertoff said...

i took the "star-and-cresent" pumpkin to be a shout-out to the communities of islam. you now may be on the no fly list.