21 December 2005

bullet point life

  • U2 is the best live band ever and we lurv them. Bono is on both of our "lists" for those whom the other is allowed to sleep with if given the opportunity. I believe The Edge is also on that list for both. Sadly both of them are married, which is of course the primary barrier for this to happen...

  • I second Sam's assessment of Brokeback, and am frustrated that the critics seem not to be able to employ the word "queer" in an intelligent way, insisting on reading the film as one about "gay identity" when in fact it is utterly not gay and completely and utterly queer. I imagine there will be more on this as we will see the film again very soon.

  • a Washington Post article printed in the local Vancouver paper in the back of the Life section (don't ask. of course one shouldn't read these things) on the important seasonal toy safety warnings mentioned that some of these toys that have been recalled are "made-in-China cheap." really? the Post can get away with this kind of racist language? I suppose so. sad and horrifying.

  • we're in Seattle. good coffee, and they have half-and-half in this country, which is a Good Thing. Mmmm Milky goodness.

  • the home of OaO (physical, literal home) is fabulous and thus we hate them and surge with jealousy.


dan said...

Welcome home! Tidings of comfort and joy!

So, I'm figuring that the "lists" need major updating after seeing BM?

Rebecca said...

Ah yes, there's Adorable Jake but I must say Heath is a hottie... We must see the film again to truly decide (or could we have both? radical...)

We have decided that the film is fundamentally Hot, but we were debating whether or not this would be the case for straight dudes who saw the film, with some in the room arguing no way would a straight guy have the space to acknowledge that (and if he did he would no longer be straight) and others arguing the fundamental Truth of the Hotness thesis.

stephan jenkins said...

you should have titled this post, "bullet point kind of life."