01 December 2005

My Restraint

I wanted to post a ranting response to this rant, itelf a response to this article on, roughly, the state of feminism and gender relations today.

Instead, I fooled around with the blogroll thingy that Paul set up. I now seem to have it working, but the layout is missing the cool little blogspot bullets. I'm hoping that Rebecca will figure out how to fix that, since on blogroll it looked like it involved css or some other technology that's not my friend.

But I will say two quick things: 1. go read the first article, but 2. please do so with this in mind, a point missed by the ranter: it's not about YOU. It's about the broad ambit of gender relations in society today, it's about an effort to shift and change those norms, and a worry that today they resemble 1955 more than 1985. And, if anything it really ought to be, in this particular case, more about men than women.


Transient Gadfly said...

Couldn't quite pull off the bullets. If you put <ul>'s around the javascript tag and then, in your blogroll preferences, prepend <li> tags to each link, you'll get the list with bullets but an extra line break between each item. You have to become a paying member to get rid of the linebreaks (for which I applaud the blogrolling fellow and his evil genius). Red might know style sheet magic that could circumvent this.

Incidentally, it happens to be all about me. If people would just realize this, they would stop having these arguments.

Transient Gadfly said...

Ah, there is another answer. In your blogrolling preferences prepend an img tag that points to your little tictac image (http://www.blogblog.com/tictac/tictac_green.gif, apparently), and one &nbsp; That should do it.

Number Three said...

We want the rant. I just posted one, so you should, too.