14 December 2005


I'm not feeling very settled ontologically right now, and perhaps that explains the dearth of recent posts from me. The term ends in less than 48 hours, and the marking for December will be wrapped up tomorrow. Thus, there are no major, impending deadlines, but there are a huge number of projects waiting in the queue. None of which I feel I can start, as first we must fly for just shy of 24 hours to get back to my parents for Christmas (sorry, over here everyone says xmas instead of happy holidays, and I'm starting to get used to it).

But really, the work to get done, or waiting to be done, is just a (lame) metaphor for life, as we're sort of waiting for that to start as well. Thus, we've been internet home shopping (and I've been planning the next hot tub installation - there are exciting new developments on this front, let me tell you), but none of these projects are ready to take off either - that is, until we are more settled.

And there's the paradox: to 'get settled' we really need to do some settling (e.g. bring our dog over, our books, our belongings, etc.), but we have to hold off on doing the settling until we're more settled. And I think that this likely points up a general condition of life: we wait around for it to get started, and thereby don't do much living of it. Sometimes.

In the meantime, work will serve as a proxy, as I already have 3 books to complete and yet I somehow find myself in dicussions with a publisher about writing am intro textbooky type thing on 'gender'.


dan said...

And you *did* just move to another country not all that long ago, prior to jumping immediately into a new job, so some unsettled-ness makes sense.

I'm so glad to hear that we've got multiple new S.C. works to look forward to...you know I'm a big fan.

But the thing that jumps out to me most is this, couched though it was, in parens, marked as one of several examples: "bring our dog over" -- Are you going to be able to do that!?! It seems like that would be a huge thing, and that it would instantly change your feelings of being settled in a new place, to have the rest of your home/family there!

(BTW, shopping online, e-mailing, and blogging all count as living. At least, I hope...)

larry mullen said...

perhaps if you had tickets to the u2 show at the rose garden december 19th, you could become more settled in an ontological/religious experience of possibility.

adam clayton said...

doubtless said experience would open your eyes to the limitless possibilities of being in the moment, and to the transcendance of "nowness."

Sam said...

Larry, Adam, and Dan: you all make very fine points!

the edge said...

i personally think the points they are making are shite.