31 December 2005

Veronica Mars

Truly: 'Best. Show. Ever.'

We just completed an intensive two week viewing of the first season of Veronica Mars. When the show originally aired in Fall of 2004, it was the only show of the season that we were honestly excited about watching. Unfortunately, State College, PA simply does not carry a UPN station. We had the everything digital cable package, but it did not include UPN. Thus, we spent the past 18 months hearing echoes from both critics and friends about how brilliant the show is, including the Joss Whedon quote above (and previously referenced here, though I'm too lazy to post the link).

All I can say now is that the show is brilliant. It's written so taughtly, the characters have such depth, and the season's story arc is astonishing. If that weren't enough, the character of Veronica rivals Buffy in terms of high school girl heroine.

I can't wait to watch the first season through again, and I'm crossing my fingers that Steve Jobs will announce UPN shows availability on the iTunes Store at next week's MacWorld.

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