24 January 2006

in Baroda

I arrived in Baroda via night train at 4 am, which was an adventure. But, between the train time and the morning in the guest house I managed to get a decent amount of sleep. Ruth and I were spoiled for accommodation in Delhi, and so it's a bit of a shock to leave the home-like space of the master paying guest house to go to the somewhat institutional space of the university guest house at Baroda. Arriving in the middle of the night didn't help!

Baroda is interesting after all the touristy places I've been this time around. I'm generally ignored, which is a welcome change, and the campus is beautiful, right across from a park. Several coffee shops in the area, and obviously an internet cafe or two. So it seems like a friendly place.

I give my talk tomorrow, and we'll see how it is received by an informed Indian audience. I have the luxury usually of giving talks to those who know nothing about my area, even within the Indian art history context. It should be a change to see what those here at the top fine arts school in the country think. I'll report back.

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