06 January 2006

India: highs and lows, very lows.

our Aurangabad-Mumbai flight was unbearably delayd (5 hours) which meant sitting in what barely deserves the name of "bus terminal" airport in Aurangabad. But spirits were high, so we were fine, got into the hotel at midnight, had a quick snack and were in bed by 1:30--no worries. And up at dawn to catch the ferry out to Elephanta. Elephanta was amazing--wonderful sculptures, just a great excavated temple on an island in the middle of Bombay harbor. it's one of those works of art that works primarily because it simultaneously holds together so well and leaves the door open for interpretation. it's not closed off--it begs questions.

and then there's the lows. like literally flushing your brand new cell phone down the toilet lows. Now to be fair, there was no flushing involved on this toilet, so the literal aspect isn't quite right. but yes, I seem to be just that klutzy, stupid, and jetlagged. many expletives were yelled, but luckily (as we were on the boat) there was no hope of retrieval--or else other decisions would have been in my hands (literally, again) that I would not have enjoyed. and eventually, perhaps in about 10 years, I will be able to truly laugh about this. right now it kind of sucks. But trying to move on, and enjoying the wireless internet in the hotels. ichat anyone? it's 4 am there....


dan said...

O. M. G.

You poor thing! That is truly sucky.

I hear you on the silver lining of not having to make "other decisions" on the phone's retrieval. Eww.

Aside from the funny story a decade from now, another bright side: new phone? After, like, a month, it was starting to get obsolete...right?

Okay, your eye is twitching again...let's just change the subject...

Transient Gadfly said...

I'm not sure if the decision was literally out of your hands. The phone may have been, however.

I was going to make some joke about Sam still being able to sell the phone on eBay, but then that's pretty much the joke right there. Haha, get it...? Because Sam can sell anything...on eBay...so it's funny...um...yeah.