21 March 2006

I have no excuses

It's true: I've been a rather awful blogger lately. End of term, plus multiple visitors, plus a trip, plus a chapter to write, plus Rebecca blogging every day – all of it has put me in a blogging slump.

But the daffodils are blooming, spring is here, and term is over! I'm off at 6am tomorrow to try to recruit US liberal arts college students to come to Wales for a year and complete an MA. The economics work out nicely for them, so we'll see if I can sell them on the other bits.

More from me, then, from the road!


Ruth said...

Hey -- sell me on the bits. I'm always looking for something to do with my graduating seniors other than having them move to DC (no direspect intended to those who have chosen that route...).

Sam said...

1. Costs are about the same as smcm, typically MUCH less than MA programs in the states.
2. MA IN ONE YEAR, not two!!!
3. Live by the beach.
4. Get an easy abroad experience.
5. Small, intimate classes, and plenty of personal attention.
6. Leave to work in the UK as students, and for one full year after getting a degree.
7. If Reed students liked it (they did!) then it must be a good program.