31 March 2006

like a car wreck

so I was going to blog about something utterly serious (end of world, global warming, those folks in Tuvalu losing their entire country because of the seas rising) but this Britney Spears statue is just so hilarious that I can't look away. so join me:

salon's commentary here and here which has links to images of the work

sculptor's previous work, entitled 'The Ted Williams Memorial Display with Death Mask, from The Ben Affleck 2004 World Series Collection' here

and the capper: go fug yourself's faux letter from Britney. completely hilarious.

my two cents:

1. is the clay sculpture fired? Doesn't look like it from the photos (and from the classy plywood platform it's on) and so calling it a monument is intriguing. I don't think anyone has mentioned the medium of the work in this whole discussion, a serious oversight in my mind (Adam made out of clay/biblical etc. etc.). also a missed opportunity to see that the thing isn't supposed to go into Central Park someday...but perhaps it's supposed to be cast in bronze once the show is over. ooo. bronze. I recant.

2. complaints are over the realism of the sculpture (her face is calm while her baby is crowning...she actually had a C-section...what's up with her knees/hips/toes...the caressing of the bear's ears....) not to pull the superior art historian card, but this sculpture just gets funnier the more questions people have. and the pro-life literature in the gallery. it's just all part of a massive performance piece. the virgin-badgirl-mother-sexpot-celebrity on a bearskin rug. wow.

cannot ...... look ...... away.

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Moksha said...

You go on vacation for a few days and all hell breaks out. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date on this delicious rendering of Britney. I am imagining the surreal experience of seeing this next to Jeff Koon's Michael Jackson and Bubbles, which is at SFMOMA and a big favorite of mine.

There is nothing like a celebrity in ceramic or tongue-in-cheek bronze.