14 April 2006

Paracetamol Rules!

This time I have a much better excuse for my recent radio silence: I've been in bed, sleeping 18 hours a day and attempting to cough up a lung during the other 6. The 'cold' I acquired in the states seems to have transmogrified into something much more nasty during the 8 hours breathing recirculated air on the plane.

It turns out, even being sick is different in another country. First, I had to learn that 37 degrees is 'normal' temperature and thus my 38.3 temp was a fairly serious fever. But the good news arrives under the moniker 'Paracetamol': it's an over-the-counter pain and fever relief medication, but it's some serious stuff. After two of them my 38.3 temp dropped down to 36.3; even better, I no longer longed for my life to end.


Mark Salada said...

Hey Druggie,

Did you catch the Bird Flu? It seems to be all the rage these days. Anyway, glad to hear you've got good drugs on your side... Did you happen to notice if Sudafed was on the shelves?


Ruth said...

I was completely unable to get Sudafed (or a generic) in India, despite the fact that I spent more than a week so congested and runny-nosed that I used up my entire stock of emergency toilet paper (and believe me, I brought a lot), and could barely sleep. Not fun.

Isn't Paracetamol just Acetominephen under another name?

Transient Gadfly said...

I don't know the answers to any of these questions, but hey, how about those Badgers?


Sam said...

Ruth, you've ruined the fantasy for me! Paracetamol IS just acetaminophen. How disappointing...