05 April 2006

Where Have I Been?

Right now I'm in the Portland airport (they have absolutely free wireless), waiting for a flight to Houston, which, by the way, is not a very good way to get to Chicago, my destination. Oh, and thanks either to Mrs. Transient Gadfly or to the othwerwise wonderful yoga classes we went to, I'm rather sick.

But where have I been over the past 10 days, with no blogging? Hard to say, really. I've been travelling all over the northwest: doing recruitment for Swansea and giving talks about Butler, so I have been busy. But the not blogging explanation would have to run deeper than that. For one thing, every time I checked SecondAmericano, Rebecca had blogged up a storm. And she tends to inhabit a slightly different blogging voice than I. Perhaps that's the issue: I'm not sure what my 'blogging voice' is. I'm not quite as autobiographical as Rebecca, and sometimes I think I aspire to the wisdom of OddsAreOne or the politically savvy nature of FreedomFromBlog – but those aren't quite me either.

For now, my voice is very deep and gravelly from the chest cold, so I'll sign off now having said close to nothing (and that's what I've felt like I've had to say over the past week or so) other than a couple of updates.
  • people have more interest in Judith Butler's political theory than I suspected
  • top private liberal arts colleges truly are amazing places to live and learn
  • human beings are particularly ill-suited to travel on airplanes; we weren't made to live in one place and have friendes and family in other places, thousands and thousands of miles (and oceans) away.
  • Apple has surprised even me with the announcement of Boot Camp


Transient Gadfly said...

Is what's suprising about Boot Camp the number of subtle and/or not so subtle ways they say "P.S., Windows sucks," on that page?

dan said...

I like your blogging voice just fine. It's your regular voice. Like, the one without the chest cold.

Re Boot Camp: I know, right? Where did that come from? If you just want to see without dirtying up your Mac, here's a flickr gallery of the install process. Note that the last pic has been viewed 14,600 times since yesterday. I think a lot of people were suprised.

Ruth said...

Hey -- Whitman's kind of a sore point with me, OK? Couldn't you pick someplace like, say, Pomona?

tenaciousmcd said...

Sam, count me as another who enjoys your blogging voice and has missed it of late. You're the rational edge of the postie left.