30 April 2006

Chicago, Chicago

So here I am, in Chicago. it did rain today, which ruled out the healthy bike ride. I instead rode the elliptical machine in the hotel gym, which was so advanced as to utterly take away any pain whatsoever from working out. I'm not sure I even did it. perhaps I just got a massage instead. who knows?

then, of course, due to Ruth's suggestions, I could not resist the matinée feature at The Music Box, Douglas Sirk's Magnificent Obsession of 1954. it was fabulous. sure, no Imitation of Life, which I find to be the better film, but you cannot beat Rock Hudson as the playboy-turned-philanthropist-turned-brain surgeon-turned... you get the idea. actually you probably don't, which is what is so great about this film. it's convoluted and improbable. but the homoerotic subtext (both gay and lesbian) is amazing, and it has some laugh out loud moments, right from the start. I may write a short review when I return to the UK.

Chicago is a lovely town, enhanced immeasurably by my hotel location at the Burnham, in the historic Reliance building, located on the same block as (wait for it): Nordstrom Rack, H&M, Old Navy, Marshall Fields (the original store people--this is Chicago), and of course, Starbucks. double-tall breve latte.


Ruth said...

Ooh -- you got nice digs. I'm impressed.

RE the bar thing: I'll have to respectfully disagree with John: the best thing about Chicago is the Lithuanian (OK -- and Polish) restaurants. Salad, bread, borscht, pierogi, sausage, dessert, and coffee -- all for about $7. But having said that, I'm forced to admit that Chicago's about the only city whose bars I do like. Where I'd go, by myself, at 11 in the morning and sit down and have a beer.

Hmm. Maybe that was just graduate school....

john said...

If by Polish "resturants," you mean stands open at 2 am selling bratwurst, italian sausages and hot dogs, I stand corrected -- that could be the best thing about Chicago.

Ruth said...

Mmm...the Chicago Polish. Who knew celery salt on a deep-fried sausage could taste so good?

Sam said...

I've never had anything against Chicago; guess I've been rather neutral about it.

But you two wistfully reminiscing is making me want to move there!