19 May 2006


google earth it. it's outer reaches Netherlands. This is where I'm spending the next two days, and then two days in Amsterdam. Should be fun! More reporting on Euro infrastructure v. British infrastructure, the definition of 'bed and breakfast'and what 'continental breakfast' really means.


Number Three said...

Nijmegen is "A Bridge Too Far" territory, isn't it? Where Monty's Operation Marketgarden and the Allied attempt to end the European war by Christmas 1944 came to a crashing halt? Is there a war memorial there?

Sam said...

Emery: You're way beyind my (non-) knowldge of history.

Rebecca: What would you know about British infrastructure. You live in Wales. There is no infrastructure.

Rebecca said...

fair point. the netherlands trains literally run more smoothly. what is that about? there's no kathunk kathunk like in the UK. hm. And yes, nijmegen was a major point of bombing or something during ww2, something I know nothing about. But they have a nice shopping district and the university is appropriately moderne and dutch.