15 May 2006

Rebecca, Lecturer in Politics

If I tried to say more I'd most certainly go on for paragraph after incoherent paragraph. Our heads are both still spinning. So all I'll say is this:

Congratulations to Rebecca – the newest member of my department – on her permanent, tenured post!

(edited to add clarity concerning location)


Transient Gadfly said...




I mean, you know, congratulations and stuff, but also dammit.

Mark Salada said...

Congrats! Awesome news, Professor. We shall drink heavily in your honour. Cheers!

Tarn said...

Absolutely congrats! I suppose that means you two are permanently Welsch now?

tenaciousmcd said...

And no details! Curse you.

Oh yeah, congratulations.

Ryan McIntyre said...

congrats! where oh where are you a permanent lecturer?

Number Three said...

Terrific news.

Frances said...

Hey Sam and Rebecca -- This is SUCH great news. I'm so happy to hear it. This is now my favorite academic morality tale in personal and professional integrity, perserverence, and virtue's triumph. Congratulations!!!!