06 May 2006

Spring in Wales - Highly Recommended

'Clyne in Bloom'
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Since there are 3 parks within a few blocks of our flat, and since we have now gone 9 months without owning a car (by the way, that means that everyone inthe over/under pool lost), we thought we were well-aware of our park and garden surroundings. We were surprised to learn, then, that there's this amazing place just 5 minutes away.

Luckily, my colleague gave me the heads-up that early May is the time to visit Clyne Gardens ('Clyne in Bloom' they call it), so here are some shots from yesteday afternoon.

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Rebecca said...

what I like about spring is that it is a realm about which I happily know very little. so I can wander around a big park with lots of blooming things and say things like: ooo! pretty flower! and come up with interesting ways of describing things (one blossom was this trumpet made of thin white chocolate with vanilla beans coming out of the middle), and generally just enjoy the visual display without much knowledge of it. a nice change from the constant intellectualising around here.

of course we did have a moment of American imperialist deconstruction upon reading the label to a redwood tree that was one of the first to be imported to the UK in the 19th century. because what's a day at the park without a little American imperialism?