27 June 2006

days off

we used my birthday (23rd) as an excuse to both hire a car (!) and take a little trip out to St. David's in northern Pembrokeshire, a few hours drive from here. Much fun had by all, much walking (Brits don't hike. they walk) and one of our two requisite pilgrimages done--two trips to St. Davids equals one to Rome. we may still go to Rome anyway, I think. or, we may stay in Wales forevermore. why leave? we had pork pies for lunch both days (reason enough to stay here), saw some amazing scenery and wildlife, including some horses (wha?) and a seagull that begged for our pear core. much clambering and wind-swept coastline. oh, and one of Arthur's many burial sites. seems everywhere in Wales claims him (of course he's Welsh. what good old myth/idea isn't?) driving on the left is fine; shifting with the left hand a bit harder. highway code in tow, we managed to navigate relatively legally. pics coming soon.

we will return to our regular blogging schedule after the inevitable work-overload that comes with taking a few days off.

next: how ugly are England's players? who has the best hair? and other pressing questions


Anonymous said...

just to be clear, that's the 23rd day, not the 23rd year

Ruth said...

Picky, picky.

Happy belated! I'm tomorrow...

(and here I thought you were buying yourself a car as a birthday present)