04 June 2006

Quote from a Message Board...

The question was, 'if you are from Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, who will you be supporting in the World Cup'? And here was one of the first responses:
I'm Welsh and there's no way I could support England.

Maybe it's the constant media hype - 1966 and all that.
Maybe it's a dislike of some of the players - overpaid tossers.
Or maybe it's the historical rape and pillage of my country and it's [sic] resources.

Can't quite make my mind up which.
Note: I only scanned the first page of posts, but no one said they'd be supporting England. Therein lies the irony when folks in the states send mail to us with England on the address, or tell us to enjoy our summer in England. It would be like telling someone living in Colorado to enjoy the Texas summer.


Transient Gadfly said...

no one on earth could enjoy a texas summer.

Ruth said...

Or a Texas winter, in my book.

And of course, I specialize in NZ, which leads all sorts of people to assume I know everything about Australia....

Publius said...

With family in Northern Ireland, or because of family in Northern Ireland, my relatives in NI will be pulling for the USA.