19 July 2006

Heat Record

The heat wave throughout the UK is setting all sorts of records, and today is forecast to be the hottest day in recorded history in Wales - it could reach 36C (97F) just down the road in Cardiff. And thus I'm delighted to say that right here by the sea the high will be 29C (84F).

That's still brutally hot for us here, but we can look forward to a return to more reasonable and typical temperatures tomorrow, with a forecast high of 23C (73F).


Ruth said...

OK -- for once, I will acknowledge that a so-called "heat wave" in Britain actually sounds hot. Nonetheless, if you'll examine your NYT weather map of yesterday, you'll notice this lovely little dark orange circle just around DC and Richmond, putting us -- along with a massive swathe of the middle of the country -- into the "100+" category.

Of course, as my car thermometer was accidently reset to read in celsius, I have only the vaguest sense of how hot it actually is. "39.5," say -- which is what it read yesterday afternoon -- is hot, I know, but the specifics tend to escape me.


I'm reverting to a practice I learned in Japan: soak a cotton scarf in ice water, and wrap it around your neck. Rinse and repeat throughout day, as necessary. Inelegant, perhaps -- but quite cooling.

Rebecca said...

I am wearing my 'India clothes' which is quite pathetic really, given how not India-hot it is. I remember doing the same thing with Celsius on dissertation research in India: I didn't want to know what it translated to in Farenheit. because at least it was 42 instead of 45, right? that's cooler, right?

mad dogs and Englishmen...

Transient Gadfly said...

It's a balmy 79 here in Seattle today, but our trend of bucking the seemingly semi-global heat wave seems to be ending tomorrow when we're supposed to hit 93.

I believe it was Mrs. Gadfly's second or third day visiting Seattle (this about four summers ago), when we woke up to the man on the local NPR affiliate marveling at the summer heat by saying the following: "It's 80 degrees here in Seattle and it's not even noon yet."

We still laugh about that one.

Tarn said...

Yes, the heatwave is affecting us all... for me it stops me short of taking the dog for a full walk around the block; we get to the poop zone and when he's done, I'm done.

It's times like these I have the inane fear that our beloved "temperate" region will soon turn into a desert. But then I remember those melting icesheets and I know better -- instead we'll turn into a coastal town. All of the eastern shore of MD will be consumed, and well, so will most of the coastal plain.