10 July 2006

so much sport, so little time

between the World Cup third-place and final game and Wimbledon, what were we to do this week except sit in front of the tv absorbing the world of sport via the BBC? thoughts on all the sport:
  • wow we're watching a lot of sport
  • wow neither of the women in the Wimbledon final wax their eyebrows. that's bloggable. too too much to say there, really.
  • wow what did Matarazzi say to Zidane?
  • wow they used a Goethe quote to open the end-o-world cup montage on the BBC. only on the BBC, we're told.
  • wow are tattoos really that in anymore? trending up? or trending down?
  • wow what are we going to do now that it's over?
Next: the books we're now able to read since we're not in front of the tv for hours each day!


Sam said...

What do you mean what are we going to do next? Qualifiers for Euro 2008 are JUST around the corner! And that's not to mention the start of the Premiership in just a few short weeks....

sageblue said...

Dude, if you haven't seen the BBC montage of their defeat set to Pet Shop Boys' new song "Numb," you are truly missing out: YouTube it.

And, yes, Rick has infected me.