18 August 2006

advice for the traveling capitalist

opportunities for shopping, given the current inanities of the TSA and other international airport security organisations. the sign in the US reads:
"Absolutely" no liquids.

The quotes, of course, indicate that in fact, it's not in any way absolute that we should not bring liquids on board. hey, at least they didn't put an apostrophe in: "Absolutely" no liquid's! "Definitively" no one who knows grammar rules!

Sam and Rebecca's recommendations for solid shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, coming right up...

L'Occitane's Pure Shea Butter comes in a small tin and is, well, the consistency of butter, and thus not a liquid. Can be used as lip balm and as lotion. Passed through security no problem at DIA.

Lush is the place for fabulous solid shampoos and conditioners. We recommend Seanik (above), which is lovely smelling and leaves your hair feeling great. If the solid thing turns you off--just try it. you rub the bar into your hair a few times (depending on the thickness/length of your hair) then massage the sudsy goodness in. If you keep the bar dry, it will last forever. or slightly less than forever, but a long time.

Their solid conditioners take a bit more getting used to, but they are similarly awesome. Check this out: Jungle conditioner. And it's vegan! who cares about that? I don't know. but there it is. woo hoo!

go solid, baby. we were sick of the bottles leaking in our luggage anyway, right? right.

update: the Shea Butter (large size tin) didn't make it through the international gate check for my aunt travelling to Australia from the US. I see class action lawsuits coming down the pike for the TSA regarding the necessary dermatological treatments required for surviving a 15 hour flight sans moisturizer. sheesh!