24 August 2006


while much of our time in the NW has involved various panics re: house, Luke, stuff--you will be happy to hear that we have also had time to, well, aquire more of said stuff, because material possessions make us what we are, as is common knowledge. we also have been attempting to assume the mindset that, in fact, it wouldn't matter if our storage stuff sunk into the ocean, for we are Zen-like, anti-materialist creatures. and yet, I have to say that I would dearly miss my circa 2003 Martha Stewart spice rack (you know the one I'm talking about. you know. I know you know.) and so we are acquiring more things. like mad. for they are cheaper here than in the UK. first, the money here is worth nigh nothing. B) the prices on electronics and computer type items, which as you know, we buy with some frequency, are substantially less than the same goods in GB. and Q) tax free shopping, baby. gotta love Oregon. (and Delaware, but we're fairly distant from that lovely Dupontified state)

so I made a dent in the J.Jill sale, the Ann Taylor clearance, and a local high-end thrift store called--wait for it--Spanky's, that had some lovely Nike goodies in my size. we have also succumbed to designer jeans, largely because they fit so well and are made so well, but deep down because they're soooo cool! Sam got some Levan Diesels with fancy purple embroidery on the back pockets (picture it. it's amazing). I got Ronhar Diesels in dark dark raw denim. necessities, of course. I look hot in them.

all of this is to say I am very tired of spending money. having avoided capitalism in its various overt forms for the last few years, what with the single-salary, moving every year mode, it's like I'm out of practice. like I should have eased in somehow. done a test run. you don't realise how much you don't need to shop until you stop, and then you don't realise how very hard it is to shop (really--trying things on, driving, parking, choosing, finding the best price, making chat with salespeople, and so on and so on) until you start up again. ah well. it's fun though, spending fake money and getting new stuff. I think this capitalism thing might catch on. watch for it.


dan said...

It's true: I sometimes see people who are otherwise not cutting-edge crazy-fashioned college-aged city kids wearing a pair of Diesel jeans and I think "Yeah, that was worth the investment. Your ass looks really good in those." A good example is Hugh Jackman in "The Scoop." I mean, that's only kind of a good example, because he'd look good in a Denny's paper placemat, but those jeans just find all the right places.

Ruth said...

I'm having trouble picturing Sam in purple embroidery. Can you post the proof?

(And, by the by, should you not happen to have room in your luggage for said spice rack, I could find it a good home. Yes, I know it. I might even drive cross-country to pick it up.)