25 September 2006

boy I hope we like beets

so as part of the new house (much like our gardeners, bug guy, and pool guy at the Redlands house) we have inherited a relationship with a local farmer who delivers veggies sort of weekly. pretty much the day after he and his crew pick them, we get them. it varies. £10 per delivery, which includes a raft of root and salad veg. lovely. the usual problem with these things is twofold:
1. do you really want to be that close to nature?
2. what the hell is this thing? and what do I do with it?

answer to #1: sort of not. the odd spider and cute centipede I'm cool with. discovered wormy/larvae things in a swede this evening. into the trash. too much nature. ick.
answer to #2: those brown thingies with the rhubarb-looking tops--they're beets. very stainy. very pink. hm. I have 8 of them. we are having borscht from an interweb recipe that looks pretty good (beets, carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon rind...) all but the last two were in the bag.

I hope we like beets.

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Transient Gadfly said...

oh my god we love beets. have many good suggestions for them if you are interested. many involving cheese. plus they are so good for you. plus they are so pretty. plus only small jewish ladies eat borscht. didn't it say that on your recipe site? are you guys small jewish ladies??