10 September 2006

greek to me

we are in the new house! well, 1930s, which is practically brand-spankin' new in the long history of Wales, as you well know. but certainly new to us, which is exciting.

after a few days of lovely in-person blogging with the folks over at the Odds are One (note: in-person blogging = posting messages to one another via voice across a table...that sort of thing. don't worry. you'll know it when you see it.), I flew the direct Seattle-Heathrow followed by 5 hour bus ride to Swansea, which was fine, as these things go. or insert 'all international travel is difficult and icky' for 'fine' and you get the gist.

we stole internet from a neighbor at a very low, almost invisible, and extremely intermittent level until we discovered that by plugging the router into the wall we could, indeed, steal internet from ourselves! intriguing! hence the blog post to tell you that we are here, our things are moved in (meaning those things that were already here in Wales), and we are pursuing various errands and tasks in order to set up house. Sam files these under 'oikos'. which is, as the title says....

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jack said...

Really Rebecca, you haven't read enough Weber if you don't know the meaning of oikos. It's also related to "sib". Another Weber favorite.