22 October 2006

the family that watches TV together...

melding our TV discussion with a technology note, here: Sam and I (and Luke--now ensconced on his portion of the sofa after only three weeks of solid 'training' of the humans--a small coup for doggie-kind) are watching game two of the Gophers-OSU two-game weekend of college hockey. We are doing so with Sam's parents Tim & Jackie, who are in Vancouver, WA. 8 timezones away. At the intermission, Tim calls us on our Lingo VOIP phone from his Lingo VOIP phone, and they pause the tivo while discussion of the previous period ensues.

We heart slingbox.

Slingbox: keeping families together.

It strikes me that what used to be taboo: don't just sit in front of the TV with your family! That's not quality time! Has somehow, in our lives at least, transmogrified into a shared entertainment experience that becomes one of the many bases for conversation, discussion, relationships, and of course, blogging.

Watch more TV!

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