30 October 2006


On a lighter note...

There's been sad news over at FfB from the world of sport. So I'm happy to say that my beloved Golden Gophers are off to an unexpectedly nice start to their season. They are 6 - 1 after sweeping the always-talented (not to mention well-educated) Colorado College Tigers over the weekend. The Saturday victory was a shocking 8 - 1 romp. We now have the no. 1 scoring freshman in the country, a guy who is not quite 5'9" and who was meant not to even be playing college hockey this year back in August (when a returning sophomore decided not to return). And even better, given that the team has only been practicing for a few weeks, we've given up only 10 goals in 7 games.

Go Gophers!


nice minnesotan lady said...

oh, yah... this just goes to show that if you play hard, muck it up in the corners, good things happen.

Transient Gadfly said...

1) Some of us in the world are actually Cardinals fans.
2) Ya gotta skate hard for three periods.
3) You gotta want it more.
4) You gotta work the fundamentals.
5) You can't focus on the pretty plays.