18 October 2006

Update: FNL is genius

If you are not watching Friday Night Lights, start. Ep 2 was rife with brilliant acting of the variety rarely seen in sports-themed programming, where it's so easy to fall into the cliche. The 12-syllable, sing-songie 'bye' that the coach's wife says on the phone to the ladies of the town that are almost physically forcing her into being the caricature of 'coach's wife' (making 200 rice krispie treats--and don't you like the ones with the M&Ms in them? I do too. yes. I'll make those!). The 12 syllables of high-pitched exaggeration brilliantly communicate the character's disdain and her acknowledgement of the importance of said M&Ms in said rice krispie treats. Awesome.

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Transient Gadfly said...

but it's about football, right? and texans?

josh/danny is totally gay. i become more convinced with each episode. and i am very very so happy about it.

decided last night that studio 60 is a little bit quiet and subtle -- something WW and SN are not ever. their enthusiasm and idealism are what i love about those shows. but am willing to concede that this show can't be that way -- darker times -- and see what we get instead.