13 November 2006

stand well clear...

remember the voice in the Mac 1984 commercial? not the voiceover at the end, but the voice of the overlord? that sort of British-as-all-knowing-elite complex of referents they were going for? imagine that voice saying:

Stand Well Clear. Vehicle Reversing. Stand Well Clear. Vehicle Reversing. Stand Well Clear. Vehicle Reversing.

This is what I'm experiencing right now, coupled with a beeping sound also reminiscent of the tones in the 1984 ad.

only this is coming from the large cocacola truck backing its red, round logo-covered rear end directly towards my window (my office is directly above the loading dock for the cafe below).

surreal to say the least. the Orwellian future is in fact, as we all know, a late-capitalist info-regime, where we 'participate' in our own bodily destruction with dollars and pence.

Stand well clear.

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Tarn said...

vocal alerts, I find, are always strangely surreal. like the underground's open-door alert: "minddddah... the gap. Minddddah... the gap." or this new line of fire alarm voices whereby first a woman's voice come on the speaker phone telling you to calmly be advised... then a man's voice comes on, assertively giving you directives about exiting the building.

also, I read cocacola as "cockaroacha" at first glimpse. how funny.