08 November 2006

where have I been?

well, I'm still here--just overwhelmed with the stuff. And rather than spending the downtime blogging, I find it difficult to be in front of the computer for more than is completely necessary. that said, I should add: hurrah for our discussion on the whole marriage thing. I didn't participate for many things I would have said were said already, and more elegantly than I was capable of.

In other news: Bangladeshi Mohammed Yunus and the Grameen Bank got the Nobel Peace prize a week or so back--go microfinance. may it someday alleviate poverty everywhere, put power in the hands of the meek, and change the world. Luke: happier on the beach than in the park, because in the park he has a job to do--namely, eliminate the squirrel population. Dogs laugh on the beach. Hot tub: growing in our back yard. Pictures soon. Rumsfeld: buh bye. we should send him a nice fruitbasket.

Currently reading: Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum. The daVinci code on crack. or acid. or something.

Welsh: week 5 or so. Shumai! Bora da! Noswaith dda! Mae hi'n niwlog. [hello! good morning! good evening! It's foggy.] very exciting.


Transient Gadfly said...

We must discuss F's P after you've finished. I slogged through that entire book and never made up my mind whether it was genius, or, you know, crap.

Rebecca said...

Ah. much like Orhan Pamuk's Snow for me. Yes. more later.

Lingual Mania(h) said...

So how do you pronounce the apostrophe or its equivalent in Welsh? Because it's foggy looks like a beast to say (and yet, so useful, I imagine)! In Hawaiian, my only other reference point, the apostrophe equivalent is called an okina and is basically a glottal stop.

Rebecca said...

sorry for the delay in responding--the apostrophe works just like in English--that is, it's just a replacement for some letters we decided we're (we are) too lazy to say. So it's more a spelling thing than a pronunciation thing.

'my heen nyoo lawg'