21 December 2006

vielen dank

all my years of language study, slogging through college-level Sturm und Drang literature. all that work. not much fluency, sure. but a line on the ol' cv. and what am I using it for?
  • viewing Wagner's operatic oeuvre in the original, ohne subtitles?
  • reading Der Spiegel in the morning along with the other 8 international newspapers I read?
  • discussing the finer points of Goethe's aesthetics?
  • quibbling with Kaufmann's translation of Nietzsche?
No, no, no, and no. What am i doing with my german? Yep, you guessed it: buying shoes from on-line retailers! Filling up my Warenkorb in order to receive Stiefel and Schuhe in der Post. Ah. Deutsch. Ich liebe dich.

Gotta love the liberal arts. Brilliant. Wundervoll.

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