22 February 2007

LHR-SEA: a photo essay


Daniel said...

LOVES it!!

john said...

sweet camera -- where do I get one? what is that, Canadian tundra?

Rebecca said...

So cool, no? I couldn't believe how well they came out. I was contorting to try to shoot through the one small area of the window not scratched, and it turned out that was largely unneccessary as the window just blurred out when I focused on the landscape.

It goes in order: Greenland from beginning through the glacier, then the waters to the west of Greenland with icebergs etc. and then Canadian roads and rockies.

I was one of two people in the plane with their window open for the flight. And they didn't come around (as they do sometimes) and ask us to close them. It was a daytime flight (dep. 2 pm, arr 4 pm). Do they think it's just all clouds? Sigh. so sad for them.