02 April 2007

Hometown Baghdad

Worth spending a few minutes watching some of the episodes--obviously the three main subjects are of a certain class and are all men--I'd love to hear more women's voices, and some insight into the lives of poorer segments of the population--nonetheless the series of short films gives you a small sense of life in Baghdad.

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Jack said...

I've now subscribed to and watch all the released "episodes" of Hometown Baghdad. Quite good, though I think you accurately identified its shortcomings. These people don't just have money, they have lots of money. They are also appear to be from pre-war military families of probably quite high rank. These are the people least likely to suffer a great deal in the post-war era, as proven by the fact that most of their parents - the former military officers - no longer live in Iraq. What strikes me as interesting is that even this class of Baghdad resident suffers incredible restrictions and danger. Imagine what life is like in Sadr City or any of the other Baghdad slums. It must really, really suck.