14 June 2007

tide is changing

mtg posted earlier about the glories of mac and the odd speed of time as regards technological breakthroughs--bathrooms and running water inside the house! films and news delivered to your living room through the air! then in colour! intercontinental verbal communication facilitated by booking through an operator! now video chat instantly with multiple people around the globe (some of whom will no doubt be in their pajamas as, well, we haven't solved that whole 'world is somewhat round' thing with the time and the sleeping at night and the similar issues. but still cool!)

I think the tide is changing. who would have possibly predicted, during the era of the Netscape wars (remember? when Bill Gates was evil and hadn't yet given away lots of money?) that Apple would be launching a web browser for both PC and Mac. I wouldn't. I'm flabbergasted. Our IT person has decided to purchase a new computer at home--a 20-inch iMac with iTV and the works. Why? because she thinks the tide is turning. she thinks she might need to know Macs as well as she knows PCs. intriguing.


Transient Gadfly said...

On the one hand, boy do I have mixed feelings about this. On the other, boy, do I have mixed feelings about it. Apple has been a vastly superior product for 25 years, so it's not that its sole appeal is its niche-itude. But I will be muchly sad if Macs become mainstream.

fronesis said...

2 things:

1. Apple has now announced that in the first 48 hours, users downloaded over 1 million copies of Safari for windows.

2. Depends on how we define 'mainstream'. If OS X somehow made it to 10% market share, that would be a astounding! But 10% isn't really all that much. On the other hand, the iPod is already more dominant in its market than any PC hardware maker is in its.