15 July 2007

new feature! Boot Sale Update™

'Reading the Tarot of the Boot since June 1923'

This week it was, as we expected, all hamsters. Initial sightings of the top seller I Am Your Pet Hamster (I Am Your Pet) ominously presaged an entire bootsale's worth of Hamster-related paraphernalia, primarily in the form of cages, runs and what came to be referred to as 'hamster kit'.

Golf faded a bit this week in relation to earlier weeks, with only two boot-salers offering an assortment of rusted clubs and a selection of discarded, yet well-meaning golf gifts, including the knock-off nalgene bottle stuffed with cheap plastic tees. A sign of the impending apocalypse? perhaps.

We await confirmation in next week's boot sale reading, when we anticipate a turn to the mundane echoing of broader consumer culture with 'Potter mania'.

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