26 August 2007

no place like it

the A to Z is back on the shelf, the laundry is going, bags open on the floor--it can only mean that the London phase is over and I'm back in Swansea. very exciting and strange. the trip in numbers:

plays seen: 5
films seen: 2
exhibits seen: 3
museums: 6
libraries worked in: 3
hair cuts: 1
bikram sessions: 3
markets: 3
Hampstead Heath: 3
Regent's Park: 2
wagamama: 5
books purchased: 2 (I know! such restraint!)
books read: 1.25 (who has the time?)
days over 25C: 2

I feel like I was away for about 6 months overseas. Well, London is in another country they only speak the one language. what to do?

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fronesis said...

I heart John Simm.

And check out this: