08 August 2007


we're off to London tomorrow for a few weeks, which will be lovely. we are staying near the BT tower, going to the BL for research, sure to see the BM show on Japanese consumer aesthetics (shiny! smooth!), and generally doing things that involve two-letter acronyms starting with B. I don't think we'll be doing BY (Bikram Yoga) because it's insanely expensive. but it does have the acronym. hm. dilemma.

fronesis bruised his foot while running on a beach barefoot the other day, and thus cannot walk. this is a problem not only for London but for *life* which I suppose is a good sign about our lives right now (we commute on foot) but not so good in terms of immediate plans for the London. we are off to procure crutches today so that other bits of his body--arms, armpits, shoulders--will hurt as well. good plan? don't know.

much jealousy re: iPhone, and how unfair it is that Apple didn't merely send us one for free given that we have single-handedly (or four-handedly, as there are two of us with two hands each) converted about 2.2 million people from PC to Apple. Okay more like 15. But still. And we want a new iMac too, since we're wishing.

more from the big city.

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