17 September 2007

Mad Men

with the lull before the autumn season premieres (FNL is, I think, the only show I'm actually waiting for...) we are re-watching Deadwood season one which is completely and utterly amazing. I believe this is the third time we've watched these episodes but I still can't get over how goddamn good the show is--like the doctor explaining to the preacher that he should get some 'goddamn' rest--all done with this amazing understanding and respect:
Doc: All right. (jabbing the Rev in the chest) You listen to me now, Reverend. You are goddamn exhausted and you give yourself no respite. And your seizures may owe somethin’ to that, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if you had a lesion in your goddamn head…(Jane looks on, eyes filling)…and that’s what’s giving you the seizures and generating your chats with the goddamn divinity. No goddamn offense intended.
Rev: None taken, sir.
Doc: Now, get outta here and get yerself some rest.
Jane: Go on, Reverend. (Doc straightens up.) Doc’s tired too, only reason he’s talkin’ so fuckin’ harsh.
(The Rev mulls on this for a moment, then looks up at Doc.)
Rev: Could not the lesion be the instrument of God’s instructive intention, doctor, if I am so afflicted?
Doc: Well, of *course* it could, his ways not bein’ ours and so forth. But could he not, Reverend, be sayin', just once, you gettin’ outta here and gettin’ yerself some goddamn rest?

Oh how the text on the page is insufficient.

But wait--this post is about Mad Men!
Yes, we've discovered (hello, people out there--where were you when this show started mid-summer to tell us about it!) Mad Men on AMC--yes, AMC. I know! crazy. But there it is. It's a show about ad execs in 1960s Manhattan--the early 60s, back when patriarchy had some bite and wasn't all subtle. Back when everyone smoked all the time. Back when they made the caesar salad at your table. We're two episodes in. it's extremely well written, the acting is all amazing (includes, by former character played: Angel's son, Mrs. Reynolds, Bartlett's daughter, Gabbi's politician husband, and several others...)

It's available on iTunes for download. We've committed: season pass. I imagine this only means one thing: it'll be cancelled next season. But we live in hope.

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sageblue said...

my bad on the lack of notification. just wait. it gets so much better...though I'm not sure Zoe's acting does.