26 September 2007

my sisters' sister

in the on-going purchasing spree that is our recent lives (we can quit at any time), we have acquired a tiny but lovely digital video camera. it is our first. one of my relatives offered to buy me one several years ago as a gift and I weighed it and decided I'd rather have a high end still camera than a video one. but now times are different. there's the youtube kids keep talking about. and video reviews on Amazon. so it seems 'normal' to own and use a video camera. plus, frankly, there's iMovie and so it seems silly not to be using this free software.

but it is weird. very weird. we were testing the thing (filming the dog, of course--what else would we film?) and I was on the tape for a bit. (tape. ha! what's that, gramps?)

it was like watching my sister. except not. and which one I'm not sure. sort of like watching the sister of my sisters. someone not me. very very weird.

and it made me reflect that the shift from family snaps to family clips is not far off. that the old home movies which somehow because of technological hurdles and all the rest never quite made it into my normal life--they are now inching their way in. it will be odd to hear my younger relatives talking in amazement about the fact that we 'lived without' digital video snaps of our family, blood and not. how do you know what they really look like if all you have is some lame-o still analog photograph, great-great-aunt tekne? oh wait, that's probably not what they'll call me.

but it's a good thing to know that seeing myself is also seeing my sisters in face and mannerism and bearing. weird. but also good.

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