14 October 2007

busy and big month

not that this has prevented me from blogging, but the big news is that my sister has just given birth to our first nephew (or niece for that matter--the first of the next generation, more or less, I should say). Welcome to the world Alexander!

the busy bit of the month has simply been the beginning of term usual chaos. on-line content for your teaching seemed such a good idea when we started this years ago and yet it takes an insane amount of management and time. so I find myself updating tutorial sign-up sheets, creating groups for students to meet on-line and collaborate through, uploading slides from the lectures, coordinating the readings and reading questions, and all the rest.

we had a lovely visit from Kristin and Mark last week, which was great. I was in the last sentence going to classify them as our 'denver friends' because that's where they live, but that doesn't quite do it. we know many many people in Denver. And Kristin and I really met at a series of weddings, so perhaps they are 'wedding friends'--you know those people you see once/year for about 3-5 years when every one of your mutual friends gets married and as a result you gain lifelong friends. very cool. but there are earlier connections for fronesis--high school, to be specific. And we are now more than wedding friends. So there you are. uncharacterisable, all-encompassing friends. the best kind. Great to see y'all.

will keep blogging soon.

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Mark Salada said...

We had a great visit! Jealous of your diggs, well, and of Europe in general.

Love you guys - thanks for tubbin' with us!