18 February 2008

not enough words

You are witnessing procrastination in action. Perhaps not 'live' as such, but nonetheless, the words here represent a small sum of energy that I should currently devote to writing the next chapter of the book I'm working on.

Two chapters in February. Why does its shortness matter so much? two days isn't really a lot of time, but psychologically it feels like half a month, right?

Others are busy composing albums this month; in November many people write entire novels...I'm shooting for 1000 words per day. This is working more or less. One chapter is drafted (roughly) and the next has begun (3000 words and counting). I do find myself dreaming in sections of about 1000 words, or the dream-unit equivalent thereof.

I must get back to it. Writing is difficult.

[133 words]


Transient Gadfly said...

It's here, actually. Kind of cool that it's becoming an actual, like, "thing."

Hillary said...

Just words are not enough. We need a doer, not a talker.