23 March 2008

something from nothing. or the other way around.

Easter: big day. day of disappearances, resurrections, caves left empty.

creation is the other way around, although there is some resurrection in creation--rewriting in writing. I sent off two chapters of a 'book' this week to a publisher for review. in rewriting and rethinking the words in the chapters it struck me--and struck me hard--that this was simply words. flimsy words, put up as some frail representation of ideas, ideas that don't really exist, or certainly didn't before the words. and then the words go together, and they form this thing called 'book'. but the weird thing is this: 'book' seems solid. it seems real. it seems whole and good and you put it in italics in a bibliography entry. words are thin little things. tiny. insignificant. and once, not too long ago, there weren't any of them. and yet we depend on them quite a lot. a lot a lot.

I am sure I'm not being clear. here it is: emptiness....words....book. but the book is really just emptiness. much like the cave. strange. and awesome.

or: tidy.


Number Three said...

Most of the atom is empty space. Everything that isn't nothing is made of atoms. So everything is mostly empty space.

Transient Gadfly said...

Actually, everything is emptiness. Fluctuations in energy patterns create the illusion of something, but it's really just more nothing. Strangely, nobody seems to know this yet, but eventually they will.

Number Three said...

The line b/w illusion and something is not a sharp one. Actually. Especially at the subatomic level.