09 May 2008

hello, gorgeous!

Sorry for the radio silence. Usually this means that we are having various issues regarding life and chaos. For example, just to pick one thing, failing to sell our house. And having to drop the asking price by a 10% or so, to below what we paid for it. Or, to pick another random thing, say, having to coordinate a move across the ocean (again) for stuff, us, and dog. Fun!

So I enjoy the greeting in the top right corner of Virgin Atlantic's site: Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Virgin. I heart you. And yes, I am gorgeous. Doncha know it.

1 comment:

Mark Salada said...

Yes, yes, yes I'm out of touch. Apologies. But... you're moving? Back to the land of homeland? And sell your beautiful place? Ah. I must be, like, an ocean away and then some.

I wish there was some sort of technology that would allow us to talk from such a distance. Perhaps even one that you can carry around in your pocket...