07 October 2008

under the table and dreaming

Ah blogging. Not so much the last few weeks. Been investigating the possibilities of hiding under the bed for the forseeable future should the Republicans win the White House. Wondering if we should get our money out of the banks and put it in a shoe box underneath same bed. Pondering investing in a bed that has more room underneath it for the two of us, the dog, and the cash. On top of all of this, the season of Burn Notice has ended and thus I am lost without the comforting voiceovers of the main character, instructing me the best way to shake a tail, the best way to fake C4 using flour paste, and other equally helpful things that make me feel safer and happier knowing that such certainty exists in the world.

blogging has been difficult because there is too much to say. I am pondering blog-koans.


Do her glasses lack rims to reassure us of transparency? Or to convince us of a lack of substance?


Transient Gadfly said...

Properly speaking, I don't think that actually is a koan (insofar as pondering it does not actually bring me closer to enlightenment).

tekne said...

how do you know, grasshopper?