03 March 2009

It's March

It was 13 degrees this morning, and despite #3's (probably proper) complaints about raised expectations, there is plenty of snow and ice on the ground here.

So much for spring.

But March means the end of RPM 2009. And I want my fix of Calculus Affair. Where is the new EP/LP??? Call it what you will, I need it now. I'm not saying this is the most anticipated album to come out today, because I hear there's some group of Irish lads who have also put something out today, but it's WAY up there.

Thus, and again, I ask, where's my Calculus Affair?

EDIT: for that other group, check out Letterman, where they are playing all this week. They played Breathe last night. If you haven't bought the album, this performance will give you a lot better sense of the album than the single does.

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Transient Gadfly said...

As announced on The Odds Are One (the official website of the Calculus Affair, dontchaknow), there will be a brief delay for me to give my ears and brain a little rest and then go back and do some editorial work. Updates as events warrant.

I am as we speak streaming NLOTH from u2.com, and I have to say that so far, I'm impressed. It is some excellent sonic work.