14 March 2009

Unoriginal observation of the week

My latest cultural thesis....

The Killers: Duran Duran for the 00s?

I'm told this is the most unoriginal observation I've made in a long while. Probably true. But OMG is their Hot Fuss not completely Simon LeBon meets post-millennial cynicism? Plus, awesome workout album. How 80s is that?

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sageblue said...

Mmmm, The Killers were (appropriately) our band for the Vegas trip. I am coming to love them a little bit more every day, and Rick especially after Brandon sang with PSB on the Brits. I don't know about the Duran Duran comparison. I hadn't thought about it, but I can see it I suppose. And with the inscrutability of "Human"'s chorus, there is definitely a connection: I mean, what is a "Union of the Snake"? I don't know, Brandon might have a slightly less controlled style than Simon though: I mean the arc he creates in the chorus of "This River is Wild" is so theatrical and slightly out of control. I don't think Simon had the chops or courage to pull it off or even try it.